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Through faith in God and hard work, I can now lift up His praises not only in voice, surgeries, but with all I have to offer Him. He knew my heart wanted to praise the Lord with both arms lifted up to Him.Sharing the many funny stories that God himself, through experience, has shown me will make you laugh, cry, shout, and rejoice in knowing just how truly amazing God is.

Whether it's cancer, divorce, homelessness, living in shelters, children centers or project areas, I want to give them something to hug and hold while going through these hard times.

Sharing with you the laughter and the heartache is one of my greatest enjoyments of life.

We'd all like to grow up thinking we were the perfect child - born to the greatest Mom in the world.

But only half of that was true with me -- I wasn't the perfect child. There was nothing that I wouldn't do or say to try and break her spirit, her love for God and for me.

He has never left me alone, even in the darkest hours. I was starving to death and went down to 79 pounds. Also in March, I was diagnosed with four spots on my liver.