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Anyone new to web programming should be able to follow along because no prior background in web development is assumed although it helps if you do have a basic understanding of HTML and the web in general.The book starts at the very beginning of web development by showing you how to obtain and install Visual Web Developer.

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So, if in txt A and you hit enter, if the data is invalid, your focus will stay in txt A, but if it is valid, assuming the other txts need input, validation will just put you into the next txt that needs valid input thus simulating TAB behaviour...

Enter Then Call btn Login_Click(sender, e) End If End Sub I see this has been answered, but it seems like you could avoid all of this 'remapping' of the enter key by simply hooking your validation into the Accept Button on a form. you have 3 textboxes (txt A,txt B,txt C) and an 'OK' button set to be Accept Button (and Tab Order set properly).

Key Char) End If End Sub Private Sub txt Password_Preview Key Down(By Val sender As System. Like this: Private Sub txt Filtro_Preview Key Down(By Val sender As System.

You would have to first handle the Preview Key Down on the textbox so when ENTER came along you would set Is Input Key so that it could be handled by or forwarded to the key Down event on the textbox.

Of course, this requires you finding out how to go about retrieving and setting the values in code, and a quick search brought me to this code: MDB must be in Z:\DATABASES\) Function Cur Dir Set(path_or_pfile As String) As Boolean On Error Go To Oops Err Dim curd As String If Not path_or_pfile Like "[A-Z]:\*" Then Msg Box "Program runs only on [A:]...[Z:] drives! Dll) and following code to change path for link table (Data Files are already uploaded) (sorry for bringing back up a thread from over 10 years ago) I'm also faced with validating linked databases at runtime.