Validating fradulent documents

The FDR courseware is intended for agency-wide implementations, and should be downloaded by a single contact from the member agency, and distributed as desired.Managers of agency business units are not prohibited from downloading the courseware, however, AAMVA advises managers to coordinate with your agency training and IT staff. FDR can be easily printed, distributed via CD, installed on an agency intranet or Learning Management System (LMS), or be used to develop classroom training.This is critical training for anyone handling documents of any kind as part of their job duties.

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Level II is a natural progression of Level I's concepts in order to bring document examination to the next level.

The courseware introduces covert security features and develops student skills in the use of magnification, auxiliary lighting and UV tools.

Downloads will NOT commence for users that have enrolled only in the basic website registration process.

FDR is the industry standard in fraud training, with content provided directly by federal, state, and provincial issuing agencies.

It basically checks the validation rules starting from the 1 rule to the last one in the sequence.


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