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If you are interested, we'd like to have a remote session with you to investigate the issue further too. After much searching, I found that I should be able to set the PIN on her time supervision page. After more searching, I started looking at her brothers' accounts.

One has an option on his time supervision page to set a PIN, but the other does not. 2 kids' accounts won't let me set a PIN but they require PINS be entered in order to extend time.

If you have the latest version, can you please send me the following information by private message via the forum by clicking Inbox at upper right hand corner? She babysits and has after school things and I need her to be able to use her pin to call or text me or her dad. Britt Hi Britt, Please check below to see how the pin works.

If this is how you set it up, can you explain the "master pin"?

Device Instant Unlock lets your child unlock their Android device in case of emergencies, even if their time limit has reached.