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It was a group of friends meeting another group of friends with everyone in good spirits, a lot easier than sitting in a bar staring at each other doing an interview process.” While Tinder offers quick access to dates, just having that choice and option and ease doesn’t mean that will suit everyone.Lee, like many people, admits to not being “the most confident person on dates. You know yourself; at a festival everyone is in good form, it’s really relaxed and you mix with loads of people anyway.” A second date came sooner than expected when Fortune, perhaps after a few shandies, bought a ticket to the second day of the festival that night and met up with Lee and her friends again the following day. “If I was to go back to my younger dating self,” Lee says, “I would say definitely make the first move. You’ve nothing to lose by sending a message.” How do you cope with losing a partner and the difficulties of finding love after?

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I struggle sometimes with resenting the fact that I have to do more of the rearing.” Being conscious of spending more time together has been crucial for Mc Sharry and her husband, and one piece of advice she has is to try to take a holiday or some time away if you can while still pregnant.

When the baby arrives, Mc Sharry says maintaining some semblance of socialising has also been important, “before you have a baby you’re a person, and you’re still person after”.

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Some of them were very interview-y, and that’s hard. I’d be a bit more nervous than most people, so I felt that if there was a group of friends involved, it’s not as focused on one person and you don’t feel in the spotlight as much.” At the festival, Lee and Fortune went to see a band together, and after returning to their friends, met up again later. The other person could be waiting for you to make the move as well . Sinead Hingston was 30 and pregnant with her first child when her husband Geoff, 37, died suddenly on holiday in Portugal.