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I was told by a pharmacist to take B12 supplements, as mosquitos hate it.

I've also been told that they're attracted by people with higher skin temperatures. all I know is they adore me, and they prove it with their love bites from April to October every single year.

I live in Texas where the mosquitos are the size of bees and I'll tell you what attracts them.....perfume. To keep them away, I've found that citronella (candles, outdoor torches and smoke from a fire) works best.

You can also try putting a white saucer or plate out w/a mixture of lemon dishwashing liquid and water where you are staying. I read in some backpacking-type magazine that one of the three factors is carbon dioxide. I'm sure one of them had to do with one's succulent sweetness, though.

Since she was a little shy, I turned the TV off so that the room was now pitch back. She commented, "I knew that was going to happen," but she did it.

THE BODY BEAUTIFULWhile sharing a room on holiday recently, my sister was plagued by mosquito bites, no matter which bunk she slept in, while the rest of us escaped unscathed. Some people believe it is down to vitamin b, therefore if you are deficient in this then the mozzi's are more interested (eat vitamin b rich vegemite).

I'm a blond European and tend to suffer more than most others from mozzy bites - so I don't hold with the olive skin theory.


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