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It will actually stunt your relationship’s growth, be the cause of conflict, and hinder your intimate relationship from ever becoming the beautiful communion it’s supposed to be.

Those feelings are natural, even preferable, to exist in the pursuit. -34), and he’s probably not thinking primarily about sex there. And in its best forms, it won’t, because it isn’t incestuous. 5:2 is allow it to make room for romance, so that when a dating couple becomes a married one, they can take with them the same brother-sister theology that they had as a dating couple, but more dynamically expressed in the context of marriage, which includes sexuality.

Again, Paul’s logic: Struggling to keep it in your pants together? 1 Corinthians 7 is Paul’s attempt to negotiate the intense interpersonal desires—emotional, personal, relational, and sexual—that arise in a romantic context with a view of that ideally balances all of those forms of intimacy in a robust conception of personhood.

The biblical understanding of the sister-brother relationship isn’t meant to destroy sexuality.

And yet, it is often used to discourage any form of premarital sexual expression. In fact, without being brother and sister in Christ, spouses cannot have a healthy Christian marriage.

Third, the sibling rule can’t accommodate romantic growth. But we should seek to conceive of the sexuality that exists in a dating relationship in terms of a reality that brings together organic relational growth and holistic personhood, without forcing a certain timeline (fast or slow) into overly rigid categories that unbalance the person and the relationship.