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"Once I'd gone, I thought to myself 'why did I build it up?

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Alexander payne dating

Carla Germaine has allegedly told those close to her that Vicky Burton began "copying her clothes and style" during the nine years she worked for the family.

The Jeremy Kyle Show presenter began dating Vicky, who is 16 years younger than him, just over a year after he split from his wife of 13 years.

Speaking previously about Jeremy's relationship with her ex-nanny, the former model admitted that was in complete "shock", especially because Vicky had felt like a "sister".

She told The Sun last month: "I'm in shock - she was my nanny for nine years, she looked after my babies."What about our children? I've got our three children to protect and this was their nanny. My priority is my children."Earlier this month, photos emerged of Jeremy and Vicky enjoying a sun-soaked break in Barbados together.

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